• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-7 Patch 10

Fixes included in patch 10, build 14177 (2014-06-26)

  • Manager: Error when creating Network User. Some domains were not listed. (140410-000056, TFS-9793)

  • Optimize: Module crashed when selecting "match suppliers." (00205631, TFS-9806)

  • Interpret: An empty optional IBAN field was incorrectly set to validation error status. It should be set to complete when optional. (00197487, TFS-9842)

  • Verify: Using DoAmountValidation incorrectly gave an error message. (00198789, TFS9812)

  • The interpretation of IBAN fields has been improved for the German country profile. To apply the changes , please follow these instructions:

  • Copy the 6.2 folder from the Zip-file to the DEU folder located in the Country profiles directory.

  • Import the fieldtypes (SwiftBIC_FieldTypes.FT located in the zip) using the Manager module (Administration > List field types > right-click and select Import).

  • To use the DCL in other profiles, remember to modify the fieldtype in the DCL or add fieldtypes in the profile that corresponds to the DCL.

  • If you find titles that are not included in the DCL, you can add them on the rows starting with IbanLT (for IBAN) and SwiftLT (for Swift/BIC). Use the same syntax as in the DCL.

  • If the DCL is altered, remember to add two empty lines at the end of the file before saving it (that is, press Enter twice after the last row).