• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-7 Patch 11

Fixes included in patch 11, build 14237 (2014-08-25)

  • Interpret: An abbreviated date was not captured on AUS profile definitions when using the format DMMMMYYYY. Dates with st, nd, and th were affected. (00205521, TFS-9775)

  • Interpret: It was possible to interpret/export line items without having the required license. (00196410, TFS-9874)

  • Interpret: Separation was done on pages that did not contain a barcode. (00199536, TFS-9853)

  • Transfer: When rejecting invoices using a plug-in, verifying an invoice again resulted in the display of the first page of the PDF only instead of the correct TIF. (140221-000039, TFS-9491)

  • Verify: The description field was blank even though the information was available in master data. (00205849, TFS-8818)

  • Verify: The number displayed in the Inbox counter did not match what was displayed for the sub-folder counter. (140224-000032, TFS-9253)

  • Verify: It was not possible to confirm the buyer field using TAB. The user needed to press "Enter" to change it from yellow to green. Using TAB worked for all other fields. (00198619, TFS-9628)

  • Verify: The One-time and First-time Supplier buttons can now be disabled by adding VerifyDisableOneTimeAndNewSupplierButtons=1 to [Options] in eiglobal.ini. (TFS-9856)

  • Manager: An error introduced in Patch 9 affecting import of supplier bank data (part of Master Data) has now been fixed. (00209106, TFS-9881)

  • Autovalue: Text was not inserted when a field was empty (130816-000069, TFS-7851)