• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-7 Patch 12

Fixes included in patch 12, build 14268 (2014-09-25)

  • Manager: Master data import: importing bank numbers with more than 9 digits failed. (00213070, TFS-10032)

  • Optimize: Master data is now matched in Optimize (for XML invoices) in the same way as in Interpret. (TFS-10050)

  • Verify: Module crashed when reinterpreting. (00214945, TFS-10055)

  • Verify: Empty fields received complete status when other fields were validated. (00209365, 00205567, TFS-10035)

  • Verify: The previous behavior for the mouse wheel function has been restored (that is, the mouse wheel can be used to scroll up and down in the document). If Ctrl is pressed, the mouse wheel causes the image to zoom in and out. (00209370)

  • Verify: The description field was not updated when searching for and selecting a supplier. (00209363, TFS-9925)

  • Verify: Including an apostrophe character (') in a supplier name generated a "Database cannot be opened" error when approving an invoice. (00208746, TFS-10053)

  • Verify: Duplicate values in IBAN-fields were displayed in the field as approved, even though they were supplier fields. ( TFS-10072, TFS-10073)

  • Interpret: Substitution errors affected the results in IBAN fields (B was mistaken for 8, O for 0, and I for 1, for examples). (TFS-10078)