• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 8

Fixes included in hotfix 8, build 14304 (2014-10-31)

New functionality

  • A new flag, IgnoreCertificateErrors, has been added to the [General] settings in Collector.ini allowing the reduction of the security levels when running IMAP with Limilabs in connection with Office365.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

Changed functionality

Improved proccessing of emails in COLLECTOR jobs configured to run concurrently in multiple instances

COLLECTOR's mechanism to process emails concurrently has been redesigned. The changes improve COLLECTOR's stability while running multiple jobs in parallel (for example, when INVOICES is configured to use multiple instances), and they only apply to input sources that are connected to IMAP using Limilabs.

Previously, three mail folders were required: Input, Errors, and Processed. Emails stayed in the Input mail folder until they were fully processed. Then they were either moved to the Processed or Errors folders depending on the results of the processing. Various timeouts were used to solve concurrency issues, however, the design made it possible for the same email to be processed by other INVOICES with COLLECTOR jobs that were running in parallel.

The new design solves this by using a "Working" folder. When an email is picked up for processing by COLLECTOR, it is moved to the working folder making it "invisible" to other COLLECTOR jobs that are running concurrently. It is then processed in the same way as before until it is finally moved to either the Processed or Errors folder.

What this means for existing COLLECTOR configurations:

Input sources that were created in HF7 or prior releases with IMAP using Limilabs will no longer work in HF8 or later, because a "Working" folder has not been specified for them. Use COLLECTOR's configuration to fix this. Input sources that need to be updated are marked in red on the Input tab of the General settings dialog. They either need to be opened one by one and a working folder needs to be specified, or you can press the screwdriver icon in the dialog to do it automatically (that is, the working folder is created as a subfolder to the Source folder specified in the input sources).

Changes in mapping of templates for some XML standards

Some XML standards have been changed. See the document, "ReadSoft COLLECTOR Integration Specification.pdf" for more information. The easiest way to start using these new XML standards is to create a new COLLECTOR DB. You can also manually delete all of your XML profiles and update the layout with SupplierSwift 1-4 in Manager and restart the module.

Only those fields that have been changed/added are listed below per XML standard/profile.

These fields have been changed/added in the E2B XML standard/profile:

  • (changed) Buyer name

  • (changed) SupplierVATRegistrationNumber (in both supplier and field sections)

  • (added) DeliveryCost

  • (added) InvoiceDiscountAmount

These fields have been changed in the Facturae XML standard/profile:

  • (changed) invoiceDiscountPercent

  • (changed) Delivery date

  • (changed) LI Discount and LI Discount %

These fields have been changed/added in the OIOUBL XML standard/profile:

  • (changed) LineItem

  • (changed) DeliveryCost

  • (added) InvoiceDiscountAmount

  • (changed) Attachment node to follow the standard

  • (changed) Invoice credit to be hardcoded to 0 (that is, Debit)

  • (changed) Payment Reerence number

These fields have been added in the OIOUBL Credit note XML standard/profile:

  • (added) SupplierAccount 2

  • (added) SupplierAccount 4

  • (added) Supplier IBAN1

  • (added) SupplierBankClearingNumber

  • (added) DeliveryCost

  • (added) InvoiceDiscountAmount

These fields have been changed in the ebInterface XML standard/profile:

  • (changed) Supplier country code

  • (changed) LI UoM

These fields have been changed/added in the ESXML XML standard/profile:

  • (added) SupplierVATReistrationNumber (on the field level)

  • (added) SupplierTaxNumber1 (on the field level)

  • (changed) Supplier account number 1-4

  • (changed) Supplier IBAN 1-4

  • (changed) Supplier bank code 1-4

  • (changed) Supplier bank clearing number

  • (added) SupplierSwift 1-4