• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-7 Patch 13

Fixes included in patch 13, build 14328 (2014-11-24)

  • Transfer: Failed to create MultiTIFF files using the API if image conversion was set to PDF. (TFS-10207)

  • Transfer: MultiTIFF files converted to PDF were named <basename>.000.pdf. They are now named <basename>000.pdf. (00219445, TFS-10206)

  • Transfer: An incorrect date format was used under certain circumstances when using line items. (00215159, TFS-10081)

  • Verify: A Turkish character (İ) prevented the selection of a supplier when using strict master data. (00215746, TFS-10223)

  • Interpret: Barcode separation has been improved. (00220798, 00199536, TFS-10198)

  • Verify: The supplier selection pop-up box populated the ABN/VAT in the wrong search field. (00221055, TFS-10214)