• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP1 Patch 1

Fixes included in patch 1, build 14330 (2014-11-24)

  • Scan: Autostarting Scan job (“jobname /s”) with VRS/PaperStream didn't work. (00221189, TFS-6534)

  • Transfer: Failed to create MultiTIFF files using the API if image conversion was set to PDF. (TFS-10207)

  • Transfer: MultiTIFF files converted to PDF were named <basename>.000.pdf. They are now named <basename>000.pdf. (00219445, TFS-10206)

  • Transfer: [Color]The second page of a color multi TIFF was BW after transferring the invoice. (TFS-10199)

  • Scan: [VRS]: Color scanning did not work for multipage invoices. (TFS-10205)

  • Verify: Scrolling changed the zoom level of the image on 1 page for invoices with appendices. (TFS-10193)

  • Manager: Characters from EHcharset were not visible in the Manager. (TFS-10209)

  • Scan: The Scan Module in INVOICES 5-8 locked invoices if the "Stop" button was pressed in the middle of a scan job. (00220088, TFS-10213)

  • Interpret: Invoices identified using the layout only doubled the amount of training invoices for the definition. (TFS-10222)

  • Corrupt definitions created in older INVOICES versions (5-5 and earlier) caused memory problems. They are now detected and repaired. (TFS-7012)