• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 9

Fixes included in hotfix 9, build 14346 (2014-12-12)

New functionality

  • Microsoft Exchange Web Server (EWS) can now be configured as an input source. Note: If "Move emails to error folder" is used in a job in connection with EWS, emails that contain other emails are not moved to the error folder. Attachments with the msg extension are skipped. All other appropriate attachments are interpreted/processed normally.

  • The MailTestClient tool has been updated to support EWS.

  • A new Rename processed files function has been added to the Input tab of the COLLECTOR job configuration dialog to allow more flexible renaming of files that are processed through Intepret. One or more pre-defined environment variables can be inserted in the name to ensure that the names are unique if desired/needed. See COLLECTOR help for more information on how to ensure that files names are unique.

Changed behavior

  • The settings, Rename all invoices with 8 character names and Add prefix to filename on the Email settings tab of the COLLECTOR job configuration dialog have been replaced by the more flexible Rename processed files functionality (now found on the Input tab).

  • The settings, Ignore attached emails and Move email to error folder, concerning how to handle emails when they contain attached emails have been moved from the Input tab to the Email settings tab of the COLLECTOR job configuration dialog.


  • Interpret crashed when using the "Save email body as invoice appendix" option in the COLLECTOR job (TFS-7321, 00224048)

  • The translations for all interface languages have been updated along with the help for French, German, and Spanish.