• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP1 Patch 2

Fixes included in patch 2, build 14350 (2014-12-16)

  • Verify: Tabbing was not possible when VerifyDisableSupplierDescriptionField=1. (TFS-6772)

  • Interpret: ESR fields and SearchForAmountFields have been improved. (00219041, TFS-6809)

  • Verify: Table names were missing in the Line Item dialog. (00222528, TFS-6768)

  • Verify: Line Items were not numbered. (00222957, TFS-9737)

  • Verify: The Inbox was not highlighted to show pending invoices. (TFS-6862)

  • Verify: It was not possible to use Shift to select invoices in the Inbox. (TFS-7037)

  • Manager: It was not possible to create a transaction description using Save As. (TFS-9726)

  • Verify: The wrong supplier information was displayed when changing the sorting order in Verify. (00223694, TFS-7162)

  • Verify: The field value was not re-validated properly under certain conditions if it had the same length. (TFS-7522)

  • Transfer: It was not possible to transfer Multi Tiff invoices via the API. (TFS-7550)

  • Transfer: Imported XML invoices could not be transferred if the job was set to export to PDF. (00223785, TFS-7518)

  • Transfer: The module crashed when transferring scanned invoices. (00225062, TFS-7562)