• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 10

Fixes included in hotfix 10, build 15086 (2015-02-16)

New functionality

  • When an email is moved to the error folder, the corresponding log contains the name of the input source to simplify searching for the email.

  • The ZUGFeRD XML invoice standard is now supported.

  • Support for PDF-A files that contain ZUGFeRD XML has been added (see heading below). The PDF image is shown to the user, but the data is extracted from the embedded XML. There are consequently no interpretation mistakes.

Changed behavior

  • When using MAPI, the oldest email is now processed first.


  • Invoices were locked when running several Interpret services at the same time. (00231359, TFS-9521)

  • When creating or updating an XML definition, all XML invoices for the same XML invoice profile were set to be reinterpreted. Now, only those XML invoices that belong to the XML definitions are set to be reinterpreted. (TFS-6512)