• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP1 Patch 4

Fixes included in patch 4, build 15070 (2015-03-11)

  • Manager: Changing ScanTimeout in the Advanced Scanner Settings had no effect. (00230217, 00223982, TFS-7456)

  • Transfer: Output color PDFs are exported as BW. (TFS-10216)

  • Transfer: Exported color TIFFs are huge. (TFS-7589)

  • Interpret: If the DeliveryCost field was empty, it was set to RETYPE even though the field was set as optional.( 00226509, TFS-8403)

  • Interpret: Barcode separation has been improved. (00227134, TFS-8367)

  • Interpret: INVOICES now accepts Secure PDF. (00229599, TFS-8292)

  • Interpet: Crashes importing certain PDFs with ABBYY. (00227571, TFS-8257)

  • Transfer: When imported XML with PDF setting in job is transferred, output file does not contain correct image name. (00230419, TFS-7726)

  • Verify: Menus dedicated to the line items were not translated. (00228490, TFS-8415)

  • Verify: Line Items status not updated after adding and deleting line items. (00228573, TFS-8414)

  • Verify: Format dialog from first table is shown in the second table. (00229658, TFS-8739)

  • Manager: Not able to create Transaction Description from within “New Profile”. (00230699, TFS-9058)

  • Scan: When pointing to EILocal.ini with the “/eid” parameter in the shortcut, the warning, "The job description is not found" was displayed when starting Scan as application. (00230812, TFS-9193)

  • Interpret: It took far too long for AutoValue to execute on invoices with line items. (00226766, TFS-9007)

  • Verify: Line Item field status was not refreshed. (00222143, TFS-8755)

  • Verify: It was possible to approve an invoice with line items with validation errors. (00222143)

  • Scan: The events AppStart, AppStarted, AppUserLoggeIn, JobStart and JobLoad were fired twice. (00230805, TFS-10162, TFS-10163)

  • Scan: A corrupt image was created in Landscape mode using Kodak models 1200 and 2400. (00230892, 00TFS-9681)

  • Interpret: No error messages are shown when OmniPage isn't initialized properly. (TFS-7076)

  • Transfer: The module crashed when transferring scanned invoices. (00225062, TFS-7562)