• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP1 Patch 6

Fixes included in patch 6, build 15131 (2015-05-11)

  • Verify: Manually entered supplier number disappeared after re-interpret. (00228678, TFS-8567)

  • Verify: The zoom factor used previously was used on the next invoice when you scrolled down with the mouse. (TFS-10131)

  • Verify: It was not possible to delete highlighted data in a line item row when pressing delete. (00233844, TFS-10032)

  • Verify: Line-item rows could not be added/removed on an XML invoice. (TFS-10186)

  • Verify: It was not possible to copy multiple line item values to the clipboard with Ctrl+C. (00233842, TFS-10033)

  • Verify: It was not possible to validate a field in a line-item table using the arrow keys. (00233843, TFS-10034)

  • Interpret: PDF images were not aligned correctly after import. (00232649, TFS-9625)

  • Interpret: PDFs were not created after importing a large number of invoices. (TFS-7297)

  • Interpret: PDFs were converted to 400 DPI images even though 300 DPI was set in the job. (00238578, TFS-10907)

  • Interpret: PDF pages were missing due to an OCR error when using ABBYY. (00239512, TFS-11130)