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ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP1 Patch 9

Fixes included in patch 9, build 15266 (2015-09-23)

  • Manager: Creating a new profile based on the Other profile did not set up directories correctly. (00249809, TFS-5079)

  • Transfer: Location, State, TaxNumber1, TaxNumber2, and Supplier Bank information have been added to the XML output. (00247982, TFS-9604)

  • Interpret: There was a problem matching supplier with tax number when using XML invoices. (TFS-13642)

  • Interpret: Issues with a corrupt invoice definition were encountered when XML invoices and paper invoices used the same (paper) definition. (00241624, TFS-12102)

  • Interpret: When using XML invoices, more than two decimals could not be used in amount fields. (00246178, TFS-10219)

  • Verify: In some instances, the supplier search dialog did not update properly resulting in invoices being connected to the wrong supplier. (00250456, TFS-13256)

  • Verify: Field values were lost when an approved invoice was re-approved without changing anything. (00246596, TFS-13403)

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