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  • Torben Fahrenholz

Importent upgrade by ReadSoft Invoices customer, who are using Microsoft Office365

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

New OAuth-protokol from Microsoft are increasing security by ReadSoft Invoices customers, who are using ReadSoft Collector to catch mails with attached supplier invoices from Microsoft Office365.

The existing EWS login-protokol are using user-id and password in the interaction with other solutions. By using OAuth that is changed to a direct setup and identification between the two solutions, which increases the security level.

It's a technical change, that will not effect the way users are working.

Microsoft has announced OAuth will be activated from April 2021.

ReadSoft Invoices customers must be aware of:

- OAuth requires that the newest release of ReadSoft Collector (6.5) are used.

- New implementations of Office365 together with Collector must use OAuth.

Continued use of EWS – ”Basic autorization” will lead to production stop, when OAuth are in place.

Contact ENCOMA for further information's and to make sure, you are using the needed ReadSoft Collector release.

You can also read more on Microsofts Developer Blog - Click her>>>

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