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ENCOMA - The enterprise content management specialist.


Back in summer 2008 we were a couple of old friends, with many years of experience from the IT industry, who got the idea of creating our own company.  From our many interesting discussion it became clear that we wanted to focus on solutions related to Enterprise Content Management. As a spinoff of all our discussion we established our company in November 2008. Clearly the name of the company should relate to Enterprise Content Management, so we simply took the 2 first letters of these 3 words, and thename ENCOMA appeared. From the very beginning it was important for us to work with some of the best, largest and visible software developers in the market, so we entered into close partnerships with OpenText and ReadSoft, where we can sell, implement and support their offerings.

Encoma characteristica


Small – we do not have a bureaucratic organizations that prevents us from making reasonable business.
Flexible – we can act fast and efficient to both customer and market requirements.
Focused – we understand our customers need and are aware of our opportunities in the market
Network – because we are working virtual, we can work faster, cheaper and efficient also on international level.
Aggressive – we are result driven and hardworking to ensure mutual benefit.


Opentext - Archiving, content, workflow and collaboration.

Kofax/ReadSoft - Data capture, process integration and optimization.

Hyland - Information platform, data capture, workflow and archiving


Since we started we have managed to build close and long lasting relationship to our customers throughout the Nordic region. Nothing comes from nothing, and we want to be known as being visible, trustworthy  and pro active in our day to day dialogue with customers and partners. This is just some of many factors, that gives us the motivation to work even harder in the future.





What we are doing


We have a strong track record of understanding and delivering solutions built on a solid infrastructure foundation, advanced application development/design and business process consulting. We take pride in supporting our customers to achieve their goals and to stay competitive.

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