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KOFAX AP ESSENTIALS - a cloud OCR-solution using AI and ML technology

AP Essentials med ramme.png

Throughout our lifetime, ENCOMA has built up extensive expertise in OCR solutions - also called Capture Solutions. The solutions are used to read and validate desired information from all formats of supplier invoices - paper, pdf or electronic.

Short keywords to AP Essentials:

-  a public cloud solution that is automatically updated throughout the year without your participation and without unnecessary consulting hours

- quick to implement and escalated with very limited intervention


- automatically creation of invoice template with the highest interpretation rate using AI and ML technology


- unlimited access to number users, languages and companies


- can handle even complicated line item with different structures and sub-headers

Give us a call - and let us show you, how your invoices will be handled!

NB! - Kofax AP Essentials is the new name of ReadSoft Online.

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