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ReadSoft Invoices - an on-site OCR-solution

ReadSoft Invoices - logo.png

Throughout our lifetime, ENCOMA has built up extensive expertise in OCR solutions - also called Capture Solutions.The solutions are used to read and validate desired information from all formats of supplier invoices - paper, pdf or electronic.

Short keywords to ReadSoft Invoices:

- is an on-site solution that is implemented by you and which provides optimal opportunity to adapt the possibilities to your situation

- optimization of languages, variants and all types of invoice lines


- automatically creation of invoice template with possibility of setting up special rules by difficult and "bad" qulity invoices


- can be sat up to read "all" incoming invoices!

- also possible to read other documents as sales order, order confirmation and delivery notes

Give us a call - and we will show you, how your invoices will be handled!

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