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Payment Approval

Meet regulations and due dates by automating the payment approval process.

Once invoices are posted for payment in SAP, authorization becomes a streamlined process in a paperless workflow. Integrate our workflow based payment approval solution directly in your SAP interface.

Direct access to the information you need to execute a payment run on time

Manual approval of a payment in SAP is often a complex procedure, lacking visibility of invoice details. Bringing this approval process into a documented workflow is a critical step in further decreasing accounts payable processing time and taking full advantage of supplier discounts. The automated solution that we offer provides an automated workflow for handling payment approvals that satisfies both business and financial regulatory requirements.

Touchless invoices
Highest possible first time match of vendor invoices due to purchase order compliance where invoices are processed and paid automatically in time so that you can capture payment discounts.

Lower processing costs
Reduce your processing costs through process optimization and waste reduction. Simple and less handlings costs, eliminate double work, less reminders and no searching for information.

Spend under management
Get you spend under management to gain control. Getting your spend under management gives better supplier relationships, better cash flow forecasting and increased purchase order compliance.

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