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ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 11

Fixes included in hotfix 11, build 15087 (2015-03-27)


  • When using UDVs in a solution (such as Email subject, for example), keep in mind that the value may turn up empty if it is not filled in. (00231325, TFS-9310)

New Functionality

  • When an email is moved to the error folder, the corresponding log contains the name of the input source to simplify searching for the email.

  • The ZUGFeRD XML invoice standard is now supported.

  • Support for PDF-A files that contain ZUGFeRD XML has been added(see heading below). The PDF image is shown to the user, but the data is extracted from the embedded XML. There are consequently no interpretation mistakes.

Invoices with PDF/A file format can be used in connection with ZUGFeRD

ZUGFeRD is an electronic XML invoices standard that is used in Gemany together with the PDF/A file format.

Important: Note that COLLECTOR can only extract ZUGFeRD XML data directly from PDF files when a PDF-A file is captured from email. That is, COLLECTOR only reads XML files from file (not PDF files). Consequently, if PDF files are imported into INVOICES as images, for example, it is the PDF image that is used to process the invoice and not the XML data.

All information about the standard, including descriptions, schemas, and examples is available from this Web site:

In short, an invoice that uses the ZUGFeRD invoice standard is made up of two parts:

  • The visual presentation of the invoice information (provided in a PDF file using PDF/A format).

  • The content of the invoice (contained in an XML file that uses the ZUGFeRD XML standard and is embedded in the PDF).

For INVOICES to consider the invoice as belonging to the ZUGFeRD invoice standard, the XML must include a Name dictionary that includes the text "ZUGFeRD-invoice.xml" in connection with a /F (older) or /UF (newer) array. If this information is found, the PDF image is used to display the invoice, but it is the embedded XML data that is used to process it. A text editor, such as NotePad, can be used to find it in the PDF file.

If an invoice is received without an attached XML file, or the attached XML file has the wrong name, the PDF file will be processed normally as an image file.

Changed behaviour

When using MAPI, the oldest email is now processed first.


Invoices were locked when running several Interpret services at the same time (00231359, TFS-9521)

When creating or updating an XML definition, invoices for the same XML invoice were set to be reinterpreted. Now, only those invoices that belong to the XML definitions are set to be reinterpreted. (TFS-6512)