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ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 12

Fixes included in hotfix 12, build 15128 (2015-05-08)

New functionality

Impersonation is now supported in connection with EWS (Exchange Web Services), and it is configured in the Input source dialog for EWS. For more information, see

Note: This feature must be activated on the Exchange server (either individually per user or for all users collectively).

Sometimes customers send an invoice and an image file (PDF or TIFF) for the same invoice. When they are included in the same email, the sample plugin that is provided with COLLECTOR can easily be changed to instruct COLLECTOR to display the supplied invoice image instead of generating one of its own. However, this has not been possible for XML files that are taken from a folder.The XML file and the image that belongs to it can now be specified using a new COLLECTOR plugin, ImageControllerPlugin.dll. It needs to be added to the COLLECTOR program folder.

Note that the COLLECTOR job settings need to be adjusted in the desired INVOICES job in order to use the plugin:

Open the INVOICES job in which you want to use the plugin.

Click Interpret > Source, select ReadSoft COLLECTOR as the data source extension, and then click Configure.

In the dialog that is displayed, click the Plugins tab, select the plugin in the list, and then click the Edit button.

Select Use the supplied invoice image and then select the macros that should be used to specify which XML and image files that should match.

Recommended during the testing phase: COLLECTOR automatically changes the names of XML files during processing. To ensure that the files retain their original names in case something goes wrong, we recommend that you also click the Input tab in the dialog from step 3, select Rename all files, and then specify %ORIGINALFILENAME% in the Filename format box. Then, if the files end up in the Error folder, the XML and image files will still have matching names.Once the testing phase is complete, you can remove this setting and name the files as you like.

Starting in Hotfix 11, some PDF files failed in COLLECTOR, and issues with TryExtractZUGFeRD were reported as the reason. (00234744, TFS-10540)

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