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ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 13

Fixes included in hotfix 13, build 15168 (2015-06-16)

New functionality

Support for using HTML body test has been enhanced when generating a PDF from the body of an email. Perceptive Document Filters is now used to get both the text and formatting from the HTML part of the email to retain an appealing appearance. Previously this was done using a plugin, and this functionality replaces that.

A new plugin, SaveEmailAttachmentsToDiskOnlyPlugin.dll, which stores email attachments to disk, has been added to the installation. To be used, it must be added to COLLECTOR in the normal way in the Plugins tab of the COLLECTOR General settings dialog.

The plugin can come in handy if you receive multi-paged PDF files that contain multiple invoices in the same file, for example. The plugin can be used to store the files to disk. The files can then be imported to INVOICES using Import invoice image files in the Interpret job with the Import image files from subdirectories option selected in the Advanced settings.

Note that when using the plugin:

All email attachments are saved to a seperate folder for each email.

Settings specified in the Email tab of the COLLECTOR job are ignored, meaning, for example, that the setting, "Use body text as invoice when there are no attachments," will not work.

No email attachments or body text are processed.

Emails are moved to the Processed folder even if they do not contain any attachments.

The format of attachments i snot checked to see if they are accepted or not. As a result, INVOICES may crash when importing MS Word documents, for example.

XML files are also saved to disk with all other files. They are not processed in any way by Smart


Empty lines were removed from the body of a PDF if the email was formatted as plain text in connection with Limilabs. (0023882, TFS-11452)

Changed functionality

The oldest email is now processed first when using EWS.

Documentation Info

Transferring TIFFs (or PDFs) and XML invoices to PROCESS DIRECTOR

Original XML invoices cannot be transferred to PROCESS DIRECTOR as attachments in combination with image files (TIFF or PDF) directly using SmartXML. However, it is possible with the right plug-in. Here are some guidelines:

When using the EICC connector

ArchiveLink=R3 must be used (ArchiveLink=0031 or ArchiveLink=0045 do not work).

Only the EICCATTACHMENTFILEx UDV needs to be specified, where x is the order number of the attachment. It must contain the entire path and the complete file name. However, be aware that INVOICES will have problems handling strings with more than 128 characters.

The UDVs may also need to be specified:




The connector will take care of the XML attachment. The eicc.ini configuration file does not need to be adjusted and nothing needs to be mapped in PROCESS DIRECTOR or SAP.

In connection with the RSB connector

RSB can be used to export the original XML files into PROCESS DIRECTOR. An extra file import flow just needs to be added.