• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Invoices 5-7 Patch 9

Fixes included in patch 9, build 14175 (2014-06-24)

  • Optimize: Problem removing characters in a mixed-character field if the format ended with '*'. (130110-000009, TFS-5805)

  • Manager: Master Data import. When importing Supplier Bank info, the IBAN number is now used if the Bank number is empty or 0. (140314-000081, TFS-9773)

  • Verify: It was possible to approve an invoice with an empty supplier. (140408-000124, TFS-8917)

  • Verify: Crash when running out of GDI objects (140409-000129, TFS-9627)

  • Verify: The supplier identified in Interpret for an invoice was not the same as the one displayed in Verify. (140414-000134, TFS-9630)

  • Verify: If <New Supplier> or <One-time Supplier> was selected on an unidentifed invoice and immediately saved, the supplier was not visible in Verify. (140320-000058, TFS-9634)

  • Verify: The binary flag to block line-item validation (BlockInvoicesNotPassingLineItemTableTotalTaxableAmountValidation under [LineItemValidation] in Eiglobalextra.ini) has been expanded to 3 values: 0, 1, and 2. (140208-000010, TFS-9759)

  • Verify: Crash when setting last page or reinterpret for an invoice with line items on the second page (appendix). (00196261, TFS-9764)

  • Verify: Unable to approve a two page invoice with status Complete when it was misinterpreted as a one page invoice with an appendix and line items were found on the appendix page. (00196261, TFS-9687)

  • Verify: Crash when trying to approve invoice when the buyer was not specified and VerifyAllowBuyerSelection=0. (140219-000129, TFS-9788)

  • Verify: [Mixed Master Data] Creating a new supplier now clears the previous supplier number and name. (131003-000026, TFS-8366)

  • Interpret: Invoices were not allowed to pass when the BlockInvoicesNotPassingLineItemTableTotalTaxableAmountValidation flag was enabled and lineitems were inactivated on the definition level or when using a GE profile. (140110-000006, TFS-9360)

  • Interpret: The learned fixed position for a field was not always found if the value was broken into substrings. (131115-000079, TFS-9364)

  • Verify: Using TAB did not trigger an event in the same way as RETURN. (140213-000044, TFS-9317)

  • Verify: Approval was sluggish when an invoice contained many line items. (140123-000133, TFS-9193)

  • Interpret: Interpret crashed while converting an image to PDF. (131126-000034, TFS-9411)

  • Verify: A plugin caused Verify to loop when using an ESP profile and job that contained a VAT table if the "InvoiceValidate" event was fired on an invoice in which all fields were complete. (140305-000075, TFS-9469)

  • Verify: A supplier name that included the ' character was not accepted.(140320-000024, TFS-9536)

  • Manager: Checking database integrity claimed "Errors were found and corrected." even though there were no errors. (140306-000098, TFS-9499)

  • Verify: An invoice could not be approved after being rejected, because the OK button was greyed-out (140304-000112, TFS-9388)

  • Interpret: Documents were separated incorrectly, because barcodes were found on pages where they did not exist. (131125-000030, TFS-9299)

  • Verify: When using the BlockInvoices[..] flag, the amountheaderfield did not always correspond to the table total. (140110-000006, TFS-9410)

  • Optimize: The name of the Optimize module was listed as the Manager in Danish (TFS-9476)