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ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 14

Fixes included in hotfix 14, build 15183 (2015-07-02)

New functionality

Initial steps have been taken to make COLLECTOR a stand-alone component making it possible to use it in combination with other Lexmark products.

Changed behaviour

To support the possibility to install and run COLLECTOR as a standalone component, the installation no longer requires INVOICES to be installed. As a result when installing COLLECTOR, or when using the Database Maintenance Tool, warning messages are no longer displayed if INVOICES is not found.


RS Online - The invoice image was created from the PDFA containing ZUGFeRD CML instead of using the original PDF. (TFS-125460)

Plugins to COLLECTOR no longer worked due to a change in the number of parameters in DocumentSet.AddAttachment. (TFS-12661)

The functionality introduced in HF13 regarding HTML body text in connection with Perceptive Document Filters did not work, because the DLL files it uses were not installed in the INVOICES bin folder. (TFS-12696)