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ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 Service Pack 2

Changes and fixes in Service Pack 2

New features

  • INVOICES is now compatible with the One-Touch-Processing feature included in PROCESS DIRECTOR 7.4. See the PROCESS DIRECTOR documentation for more information.

  • A license status report can be generated to aid in troubleshooting licensing issues in connection with the invoice counter.

  • New suppliers can be added to the Invoice Portal automatically from INVOICES (Nordic countries only).


  • All costumer-reported issues are described below. Case IDs are included in parentheses when available.

All Modules

  • When translated to Russian and Polish, some strings used for SQL statements were too long. (00246471, TFS-12914)

  • Corrupt definitions created in older INVOICES versions (5-5 and earlier) caused memory problems. They are now detected and repaired. (TFS-7012)


  • It was not possible to create a transaction description from "New Profile". (00230699, TFS-9058)

  • Changing ScanTimeout in the Advanced Scanner Settings had no effect. (00230217, 00223982, TFS-7456)

  • It was not possible to paste to a new transaction description. (00167557, 00221071, TFS-7046)

  • If the "\" character was included in a supplier name, the character was removed automatically after importing the master data. (00226755, TFS-7873)

  • Quotation marks (") were not imported in master data. (00228208, TFS-8410)

  • Creating a new profile based on the Other profile did not set up directories correctly. (00249809, TFS-5079)

  • Corrupted XML invoices could not be deleted. (TFS-7022)

  • It was not possible to create a transaction description using Save As. (TFS-9726)

  • The number of invoices included in a license are now counted and a License Status Report is automatically generated when certain usage percentages are reached or the license is closing in on its expiration date. The Manager user is notified when the report is generated and is prompted to take action. (TFS-9795)

  • A license status report can also be generated manually to aid troubleshooting if errors occur with the counter.

  • Characters from EHcharset were not visible in the Manager. (TFS-10209)


  • The Scan Module in INVOICES 5-8 locked invoices if the "Stop" button was pressed in the middle of a scan job. (00220088, TFS-10213)

  • Autostarting Scan jon ("jobname /s") with VRS/PaperStream didn't work. (00221189, TFS-6534)

  • The events AppStart, AppStarted, AppUserLoggedIn, JobStart, JobLoad were fired twice. (00230805, TFS-10162, TFS-10163)

  • Scan: A corrupt image was created in Landscape mode using Modak models 1200 and 2400. (00230892, TFS-9681)

  • Changing ScanTimout had no effect. (00223982, TFS-7456)

  • Database connections ran out after upgrading to INVOICES 5-8 SP1. (00225143, TFS-7893)

  • When pointing to EILocal.ini with the "/eid" parameter in the shortcut, the warning, "The job description is not found" was displayed when starting Scan as application. (00230812, TFS-9183)

  • Barcode detection has been improved. (TFS-8367)

  • [VRS]: Color scanning did not work for multipage invoices. (TFS-10205)


  • Decimals are now skipped on Japanese profiles. (BCFR 572)

  • ESR fields and SearchForAmountFields have been improved. (00219041, TFS-6809)

  • It took for too long for AutoValue to execute on invoices with line items. (00226766, TFS-9007)

  • Interpret got stuck in a loop in connection with a large format string. (00228943, TFS-9610)

  • INVOICES now accepts secure PDF. (00229599, TFS-8292)

  • Crashed while importing certain PDFs with ABBYY. (00227571, TFS-8257)

  • Barcode seperation has been improved. (00227134, TFS-8367)

  • If the DeliveryCost field was empty, it was set to RETYPE even though the field was set to optional. (00226509, TFS-8403)

  • PDF images were not aligned correctly after import. (00232649, TFS-9625)

  • No line items were captured when page orientation was mixed. (00238245, TFS-11126)

  • PDFs were converted to 400 DPI images even though 300 DPI was set in the job. (00239512, TFS 11130)

  • Issues with a corrupt invoice definition were encountered when XML invoices and paper invoices used the same (paper) definition. (00241624, TFS-12102)

  • When using XML invoices, more than two decimals could not be used in amount fields. (00246178, TFS-10219)

  • A rotated single-page invoice resulted in a two-page image with one page turned upside-down. (00242916, TFS-12714)

  • There was a problem capturing a minus sign after a value in lineitems when using Omnipage. (00245989, TFS-12919)

  • PDF conversion did not work. (00249498, TFS-14174)

  • PDF file was not interpreted. (00252078, TFS-14069)

  • No error messages were shown when OmniPage was not initialized properly. See License error messages.pdf for more information. (TFS-7076)

  • PDFs were not created after importing a large number of invoices. (TFS-7297)

  • Barcode detection has been improved. (TFS-8367)

  • It is now possible to change DPI when importing PDFs. (TFS-9621)

  • Invoices identified using the layout only doubled the amount of training invoices for the definition. (TFS-10222)

  • There was a problem matching supplier with tax number when using XML invoices. (TFS-13642)

  • Recognition of Last Page / Amount field. The flag, BestMatchAmountFieldValidation (Found under [PageIdentification] in EILOCAL.ini), has been corrected. When set to 1, INVOICES now uses the same algorithm as in INVOICES 5-6.


  • Line item field status was not refreshed. (00222143, TFS-8755)

  • Verify: It was possible to approve an invoice with line items with validation errors. (00222143)

  • Table names were missing in the Line Item dialog. (00222528, TFS-6768)

  • Line Items were not numbered. (00222957, TFS-9737)

  • The wrong supplier information was displayed when changing the sorting order in Verify. (00223694, TFS-7162)

  • If the "[" character was included in a supplier name, the supplier could not be found correctly while verifying an invoice. (00226755, TFS-7867)

  • Menus dedicated to line items were not translated. (00228490, TFS-8415)

  • Line Items status was not updated after adding and deleting line items. (00228573, TFS-8414)

  • Manually entered supplier number disappeared after re-interpret. (00228678, TFS-8567)

  • The format dialog from the first table is shown in the second table. (00229658, TFS-8739)

  • It was not possible to add new line items with the keyboard using Alt+A. (00232106, TFS-9518)

  • It was not possible to save the change when using the mouse to change Debit or Credit. (00233319, 00236526, 00238777, TFS-10455)

  • It was not possible to copy multiple line item values to the clipboard with Ctrl + C. (00233842, TFS-10033)

  • It was not possible to validate a field in a line-item table using the arrow keys. (00233843, TFS-10034)

  • It was not possible to delete highlighted data in a line item row when pressing delete. (00233844, TFS-10032)

  • Range copy/paste did not work in the lineitem view. (00245476, 00233842, TFS-12683)

  • Field values were lost when an approved invoice was re-approved without changing anything. (00246596, TFS-13403)

  • In some instances, the supplier search dialog did not update properly resulting in invoices being connected to the wrong supplier. (00250456, TFS-13256)

  • Using % when trying to filter suppliers in Verify did not work. (00257920, TFS-15631)

  • Tabbing was not possible when VerifyDisableSupplierDescriptionField=1. (TFS-6772)

  • The inbox was not highlighted to show pending invoices. (TFS-6862)

  • It was not possible to use Shift to select invoices in the inbox. (TFS-7037)

  • The field value was not re-validated properly under certain conditions if it had the same length. (TFS-7522)

  • The supplier field header in Verify showed the wrong information. (TFS-9728)

  • The number of invoices included in a license are now counted and a License Status Report is generated when certain usage percentages are reached or the license is closing in on it's expiration date. The Verifier user is notified when the report is generated and is prompted to notify the administrator. (TFS-9795)

  • The zoom factor used previously was used on the next invoice when you scrolled down with the mouse. (TFS-10131)

  • Line-item rows could not be added/removed on an XML invoice. (TFS-10186)

  • Scrolling changed the zoom level of the image on 1 page for invoices with appendices. (TFS-10193)


  • MultiTIFF files converted to PDF were named <basename>.000.pdf. They are now named <basename>000.pdf. (00219445, TFS-10206)

  • Imported XML invoices could not be transferred if the job was set to export to PDF. (00223785, TFS-7518)

  • The module crashed when transferring scanned invoices. (00225062, TFS-7562)

  • The output file did not contain the correct image file name when transferring an XML file that was imported with the PDF setting in the job. (00230419, TFS-7726)

  • XML invoices were not deleted if the Transfer job was set to convert images to PDF. (00231856, TFS-12245)

  • Location, State, TaxNumber1, TaxNumber2, and Supplier Bank information have been added to the XML output. (00247982, TFS-9604)

  • The file extension was sometimes shown in upper case (.PDF) in the XML output file even though the extension was actually in lower case (.pdf). (00250605, TFS-14012)

  • It was not possible to transfer Multi Tiff invoices via the API. (TFS-7550)

  • Exported color TIFFs were huge. (TFS-7589)

  • [Color]: The second page of a color multi TIFF was BW after transferring the invoice. (TFS-10199)

  • Failed to create MultiTIFF files using the API if image conversion was set to PDF. (TFS-10207)

  • Outputted color PDFs were exported as BW. (TFS-10216)

  • The transferring of color images has been improved.


  • The endorser string was not set in the process log. (00240252, TFS-12007)