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ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP2 Patch 1

Fixes included in patch 1, build 16084 (2016-03-24)

  • Manager: The Region field has been added to the XML-schema for importing Suppliers.

  • Verify: The dialog for selecting variants has been widened to improve visibility. (TFS-16089)

  • Verify: Verify did not add the back pages of multipage invoices to the tabbed invoice window. (TFS-18446, 00268470)

  • Verify: The saved zoom-factor was not read correctly when opening an invoice with appendices.

  • Verify: The rerouting of invoices from an "unknown country" caused Verify to crash. (TFS-17923, 00271151)

  • Verify: The learned field title/position on optimized definitions was not used when using DoAmountValidation. (TFS-16187, 00260494)

  • Interpret: The INVOICES ini-file flags AllPagesAreInvoicePagesInterpret, SearchForAmountField, and IdentifyEveryPage can no longer override the COLLECTOR setting, Save email body text as appendix. The email body will, consequently, always be added as an appendix page, never as an invoice page. (TFS-15734)

  • Transfer: When the character Ctrl-_(Control+Underscore) was entered in a field in Verify, Transfer failed to process the invoice and did not provide an error message even though the invoice was deleted. This only occured if XML was selected as the output. (TFS-17790, 00270090)

  • Transfer: Approved invoice data was lost during transfer if XML-output was selected and the event InvoiceTransfer returned the value 2. All invoice data up to the invoice returning 2 was lost. (TFS-18617, 00274323)

  • Manager: When importing information on invoices processed previously in an external system, INVOICES incorrectly included invoices that had been processed before the date when the license was last reset (TFS-18962)

  • Verify: Verify crashed when verifying using the inbox in certain situations (TFS-18913, 00277006)

  • Interpret: The '-' character was not captured using the Chinese profile. (TFS-16698, 00263546)

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