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ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP1 Patch 12

Fixes included in patch 12, build 16097 (2016-04-06)

  • Interpret: The flag, DoAmountValidation, overrides definition optimization. To enable the settings for optimized definitions instead, use the new flag, LearningOverridesValidation, in Eiglobal.ini. (00260494, 00257059, TFS-16187)

  • Transfer: When the character Ctrl-_(Control+Underscore) was entered in a field in Verify, Transfer failed to process the invoice and did not provide an error message even though the invoice was deleted. This only occured if XML was selected as the output. (TFS-17790, 00270090)

  • Transfer: Approved invoice data was lost during transfer if XML-output was selected and the event InvoiceTransfer returned the value 2. All invoice data up to the invoice returned 2 was lost. (TFS-18617, 00274323)

  • Interpret: When importing email with COLLECTOR, a valid DocID was not available in the ClassificationFieldInterpreted(Ex) event. (TFS-19277, 00277848)

Fixes included in patch 11, build 16028 (2016-01-28)

  • Verify: It is now possible to use the % character to filter suppliers. (00257920, TFS-15631)

  • Transfer: Invoices that did not get any OCR results could not be transferred if the imported image was to be converted to PDF. (00263395, 00261341, TFS-10249, TFS-10817).

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