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ReadSoft Invoices 5-8 SP2 Patch 2

Fixes included in patch 2, build 16123 (2016-05-02)

  • Interpret: When importing email with COLLECTOR, a valid DocID was not available in the ClassificationFieldInterpreted(Ex) event. (TFS-19277, 00277848)

  • Verify: When using the DisplayPO plugin to create line items, the active cell was cleared when the invoice was approved. (TFS-19362, 00267862)

  • Scan: Deleting the thumbnail for the invoice that was scanned last caused Scan to crash. (TFS-17095, 00267400)

  • Interpret: An issue was resolved where an image file from an interpreted invoice could be overwritten under some circumstances by another invoice image with the same name. This resulted in two different processed invoices with the same image. This has been solved by adding _X, where X represents an incremental number, to the next image with the same name. (TFS-19725, 00280816)

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