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  • Torben Fahrenholz


Kofax AP Essentials and ENCOMA offers you functionality to uncover bottlenecks.

You get several options to make your invoicing process more efficient:

• makes visible which suppliers you spend the most time on and which information is the reason.

• documents whether your setup/adjustment of validation rules results in better quality.

• uncovers the status of 100% automated invoices that pass without being visible to your users.

• compares periods to discover whether your adaptations produce positive results.

• focus on handling time per invoice per supplier.

Kofax AP Essentials gives you two different tools to work with:

• a standard analytic tool with several different views.

• an access to your meta data directly from Excel.

A succesfull customer story:

In Q4 2022 a well known Danish company in the automotive industry handling 100.000 invoices per year and with 12 subsidiares started production in Kofax AP Essentials integrated with Dynamics AX.

In January 30% of nearly 7.000 invoices was received, captured, and validated without any interference.

From the remaining 70% of invoices, about 95% of the desired invoice fields was correct captured and validated according to the validation rules.

Only 5% had to be modified!

If you want to experience those fantastic tools or know more about ENCOMA do contact:

  • Torben Fahrenholz

  • Phone.: +45 40 70 83 22

  • Mail:

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