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Kofax has just released a new version of ReadSoft Invoices -

ENCOMA has set up a list of new features in Readsoft Invoices, that you should know about.

Remember - Kofax supports 2 feature releases back, so now Readsoft Invoices 6 SP2 (6.0.2) is unsupported.

The full "Release note" from Kofax, is available here.


  • Delete multiple thumbnails - In Scan, you can select multiple thumbnails of the scanned invoices and delete them. In previous release, you were allowed to delete only one thumbnail at a time

  • Enhancements to barcode reader - Indian and Portuguese QR codes are supported

  • All digits of the QR reference number is displayed even if the validation of the QR reference number in the QR code fails

  • OmniPage engine - Only OmniPage engine is supported for OCR now. The support for ABBYY engine has been removed. The OmniPage engine is upgraded to version 21

  • Database details encryption - Database name and Database username are encrypted. (only the password was previously)

  • Duplicate XML invoices - ReadSoft Invoices detects duplicate XML invoices.

  • p7m attachments support - ReadSoft Invoices can process the invoices attached as .p7m attachments in an email

  • Support for ZURGFeRD file - ReadSoft Invoices can now process the ZURGFeRD XML files larger than 64 KB

  • Task scheduler for ReadSoft Invoices services - Task scheduler is introduced to automate the ReadSoft Invoices services. You can schedule to start and stop a service

  • Nacha rule - Nacha rule is supported to protect customer sensitive data such as bank details

  • Support for Bahasa language - ReadSoft Invoices can process the invoices that are in Bahasa language

  • Support for XML files with large line items - Invoices can process the XML files that contain a large number of line items - Send feedback email to multiple recipients - In Verify, for the invoices received through emails in Collector, you can send feedback emails to multiple recipients at once

  • Last page identification - The Number of page identification identifiers option is introduced to select the number of page identification identifiers to be used to detect the last page of an invoice. You can configure this option in invoice profile settings

  • Display date configuration - The DisplayDate flag is added to the eilocal.ini file. You can choose to use the DisplayDate flag available in eiglogal.ini or eilocal.ini. If the flag is not available in eilocal.ini, the flag in eiglobal.ini is used.

  • Extra folder to transfer invoices - In previous releases, while processing the invoices in Transfer, the target system extracted the XML copy, before it was fully written. The extra folder is ensures that the file is fully written and image has been moved, before moving it to the final location.

  • ListViewTimeout flag - The default value of the ListViewTimeOut flag has been increased to 60 seconds, to support the viewing of invoice profiles in Manager that contains too many invoices.

  • VAT table extraction - New flags are added under [VATTableValidations] section in eiglobalextra.ini to extract VAT tables.

For further information please contact:

  • Martin Kofoed

  • Phone: +45 26 14 37 24

  • Mail:

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