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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

If you use Office365 mailboxes, you should be aware of an upcoming change at Microsoft, which means that your use of ReadSoft Collector will result in a production stop.

Handling encrypting sensitive information while communicating on the Internet, Microsoft uses the security protocol TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Until now, it has been standard to use TLS 1.0, but the setup must now be changed to TLS 1.2. Microsoft are making the change over a periode.

As standard your ReadSoft Collector are set up to use TLS1.0, that has to be changed.

Required to handle TLS 1.2 is ReadSoft Collector

If you need more information about how to make the necessary new configuration or what the minimum requirements of your ReadSoft solution do contact:

- Torben Fahrenholz,

- Phone: +45 40 70 83 22

- Mail:

or write to

You can also read more on this Microsoft homepage >>>>here

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