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If you already have, or are considering an INVOICES solution from ReadSoft to optimize the process of handling incoming invoices, you should consider complementing your solution with PROCESS DASHBOARD. Regardless of industry or business, you can benefit by an implementation of PROCESS DASHBOARD simply by analyzing data from the entire invoice process from capture, over verifying to transfer of data to your ERP system, and thereby being able to make fast decisions, improve operations and decrease costs. You will get almost instant ROI thanks to the fast implementation and the standardized, easy-to-use software.


Process Dashboard is a tool developed to improve utilization of the investment already made into ReadSoft INVOICES. It consist of 2 modules:


Process Monitor – enables an organization to follow and operate daily activities


Process Optimize – enables an organization to automate the entire flow from invoice receipt to actual posting of invoice and finally payment.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitor is an online view that constantly monitors the performance of your shared financial service centers. With this view you can closely follow day to day operation, and any operational issue will immediately be determined to ensure a swift and an efficient service on handling incoming invoice. This is ultimately beneficial for both the company it selves, but certainly also for its suppliers.

In Process Monitor you will also be able to follow all services that runs the solutions. If one of these stops you will immediately get notified. Also daily utilization of acquires licenses is supported. Hence it is possible for a company to define and optimize the daily workload for their employees.

Process Optimize

The scope of Process Optimize is to enable an organization to automate the entire process of handling incoming vendor invoices. First step is to make sure you receive invoices as a PDF attached to an email. Process Optimize will present a list of vendors that sends invoices as ‘a standard paper based invoice’. This is trivial, time consuming and expensive. With this tool you will be able to contact relevant suppliers and suggest a more lean process for mutual benefit. Second step is to optimize the data capture process. When Data is captured from an invoice these normally has to be approved by an office clerk. If captured data on a given vendor are correct, this process can be set to ‘auto approve’ and thus eliminate the verification process. Process Optimize will present you with a list of suppliers eligible for auto approval.

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