• martinhelweg

ReadSoft Collector 6-4 Hotfix 15

Fixes included in hotfix 15, build 15245 (2015-09-02)

Changed behaviour

The extraction of ZUGFeRD XML from PDF files using the PDF/A standard is now turned off by default. If you receive files of this type, you need to turn extraction on in the job settings. The setting, Extract ZUGFeRD from PDF-A, is found on the XML tab of the COLLECTOR job configuration dialog.

The names of all COLLECTOR plugins are now logged when the module starts. (TFS-12929)

A safety check is now performed when deleting input sources and plugins (TFS-13335)


Supplier VatNr1 and VatNr2 are now extracted and transferred. (00246178, TFS-13642)

Note: If these fields are used to match suppliers in masterdata, INVOICES 5-7 Patch 18 or higher or INVOICES 5-8 Patch 9 or higher must also be used.

Documentation updates

When using EWS, the EWS managed API is the only option that is supported (that is, services.wsdl is not supported.) To configure this, the endpoint URL must be specified for the EWS Manager API including the credentials for a mailbox on the mail server (that is, the user name, password, and domain). If you do not know the URL, specify an email address and click the Find URL button to find the correct URL. (TFS-13173)

COLLECTOR has been tested with Windows 10. (TFS-11740)