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How long time do you spend entering all order lines from your customers?

Kofax AP Essentials offers now a complete set of functions to automate this time-consuming process.

For many years most companies has handled their vendor invoices using capture and workflow solutions. Now the time has come to do the same with your customer orders.

By an automatic process you can save time and money because:

  • manual entry is terminated

  • your order system receive orders faster

  • higher data quality means fewer errors, correct deliveries and avoids time on corrections

As standard the Accounts Receivable Modules are working with both header and line item fields on purchase orders:

  • Header: - Purchase order number - Purchase order date - Requested delivery date - Delivery address - Delivery details

  • Item: - Quantity - Description - Unit of measure - Delivery date - Delivery period - Unit price - Line total - Delivery address

During the verification different validation rules can be activated to secure a high quality an the user can send clarifying questions back to your customers by mail with the order attached.

AI-technology optimize the order handling as it is used. No time spend on optimization of templates.

ENCOMA offers you to set up a adjusted test-environment and show you live how your customer orders will be handled - you just have to invest 1 hour!

If you want to see this new possibility please contact:

- Torben Fahrenholz

- Phone: +45 40 70 83 22

- Mail:

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